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Submissions Received on Green Paper

Ireland's Response to the Commission's Green Paper on the Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (pdf 1,318Kb) 

Date Received Name Submission
08/07/09  Comhar Iascaire Éireann Teo. Comments on CFP Review (doc 16Kb) 
19/08/09 Dr. Brendan Connolly Comments on CFP Review (doc 13Kb) 
01/10/09   Mr. Ken Cashman
Chairman Irish Inshore Fishing Association
Comments on CFP Review (pdf 90Kb) 
26/10/09   Mr. Pat Murphy
Comments on CFP Review (pdf 80Kb) 
30/10/09 Mr. Killian Kehoe,
Institute of International and European Affairs
Paper on Reform of the CFP (pdf 6,281Kb) 
30/10/09  Mr. Crick Carleton
On Behalf of Comhar na nOileán Teo
Comments on CFP Review (doc 539Kb) 
17/11/09 Caitlín Ui Aodha
IFO Secretary
Comments on CFP Review (pdf 674Kb) 
16/11/09 IFA  Aquaculture Comments on CFP Review (pdf 22Kb) 
23/11/09 IFPEA (Irish Fish Processors & Exporters Association)   Comments on CFP Review (pdf 426Kb) 
30/11/09 FIF (Federation of Irish Fishermen) Comments on CFP Review (doc 55Kb) 
14/12/09 Pádraic Fogarty,
Chairman, Irish Wildlife Trust
Comments on CFP Review (pdf 37Kb) 
21/12/09 Environmental Pillar of Social Partnership  Comments on CFP Review (pdf 317Kb) 
21/12/09 Pat "The Cope" Gallagher MEP
Brian Crowley MEP
Liam Aylward
Response of the three Fianna Fáil MEPs (pdf 199Kb) 
21/12/09 Joint Oireachtas Committee  Comments on CFP Review (doc 24Kb) 
31/12/09 Peoples' Movement Comments on CFP Review (doc 39Kb) 
17/01/10 IFO – Irish Fishermen's' Organisation
CEO Joe Maddock
Views on the Green Paper Reform of the CFP (doc 22Kb) 
19/01/10 Sea Fisheries Protection Authority Comments on CFP Review (pdf 146Kb) 

This consultation closed on 31 December 2011.

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