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Common Fisheries Policy Review

Consultation on the Impact of CFP Reform Proposals

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is the fisheries policy of the European Union which was first put in place in 1983 and is currently under review.

The Green Paper published by the European Commission in April 2009, “Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy” has initiated a Community wide consultative process on the review of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Ireland’s Response to the Commission’s Green Paper was published on 23 February 2010 following an extensive consultation process.

The current proposals have been published by the EU Commission taking account of the input from stakeholders across Europe.  The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney’s initial response to the publication of the regulations can be read here.

The EU Commission’s proposals outline significant changes to the current policy.  Some of the most significant changes proposed in the CFP regulation as identified by the EU Commission are:

  • Multiannual plans with the aim of reaching sustainable levels by 2015, governed by the ecosystem approach and the precautionary principle to ensure that the impacts of fishing activities on the marine ecosystem are limited.
  • Mandatory introduction of Individual Transferrable Concessions from 2014 for vessels over 12 metres long and all vessels using towed gear with a minimum validity of 15 years but can be recalled before expiry in case of serious infringement by the holder.
  • Phased introduction from 2014 to 2016 of an obligation to land all commercial fish species to end discarding of fish at sea.
  • Regionalisation of fisheries management with Member States deciding implementing measures based on general framework set out EU level.
  • Promotion of sustainable aquaculture in Europe with National Strategic Plans to be in place by 2014 and an Aquaculture Advisory Council to give advice on industry-related issues.
  • Financial support will only be granted to support the sustainability objectives of the CFP.

The EU Commission has set down the objectives of the CMO proposal as being to address overfishing and unsustainable production strategies based solely on volume by supporting:

  • the empowerment of producers and their co-management of access rights and production and marketing activities;
  • market measures that increase the bargaining power of producers, improve the management of market crises, and foster market transparency and efficiency;
  • market incentives for sustainable production practices;
  • partnerships for sustainable production, sourcing and consumption;
  • certification, promotion, and information to consumers; and additional market measures on ‘discard’ fish.

This consultation closed on 31 December 2011


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